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And here I was thinking the best part of Halloween was college parties.


The Walking Dead is totally worth it, pull the trigger and get it


I am tempted by Demigod, but I've never used gamefly before. Is the download service like Amazon, or greenmangaming? Does it provide steam codes? Or do I download their own client that then installs the games? I can't quite find the information to make me comfortable enough to try it.


@bobotheboinger: It will either say "3rd party download required" in the system requirements on the right, or will say "this title requires Steamworks to install and play" up near the top.

Walking Dead, Dead Island, Darkness II, Killing Floor, and Risen 2 are the only ones that use Steam. Coincidentally, Risen 2 is the only one of those I wouldn't recommend (I haven't played it).