dealsthinkgeek: hooray! free shipping! no minimum…


Thanks for posting, now I can use up my points, thanks op


thinking about ordering some astronaut ice cream ( when i was little, i used to get one all the time at the discovery store in the shopping mall (for the same price, $4)


Darn I really want to take advantage of this, but all the stuff I've been wanting to buy there is out of stock :(


Damn, and I just spent 15$ on shipping about a week ago (A case of bawls is damned heavy ;P. I wish this deal had come a bit sooner..


@kirika: A case o bawls isn't included in the free shipping deal. Too heavy.

The free shipping offer does not apply to the following items: Case o' Bawls, Deluxe Mini Fridge-Warmer w/ Digital Thermostat, 400 Watt Power Dome Mini Generator, Portable Mesh Hammock, Tailgater Portable iPhone Sound System, Wavebox Portable Microwave Oven, Gyrowheel - Gyroscopic Training Wheel, Star Wars R2-D2 Trashcan, Ion Profile Pro USB Turntable, Tauntaun Sleeping Bag, and Star Wars Wampa Rug. We're sorry, these heavy items are not included in this promotion.


@vecry: I'm having the same problem. The snowball crossbow would be cool if it was in stock ...


i just dropped $200 and bought xmas gifts for 6 people! not bad! and I got over 2000 geek points bringing my total to 11,000 pts! so i redeemed them for my taun taun sleeping bag ive been wanting =)


Coupon Code: CYBERMONDAY10

Is good for $10 off >$50 so it might save a little more than shipping if you go over that


Was on the fence about buying something from there it was 9.99 but the kick in the jimmy was 9.99 shipping. So .. Free shipping FTW!


worst customer service ever. will never shop there again.


i'm in for a blue canary night light. :)


@xxooss: I agree. Last year they sold me a FAKE Flip-Flap plant. ( They're Japanese solar powered "plants" that wiggle when they get sun. (kind of silly, i know) The legit ones are made by Tomy and are pretty nice. As an owner of other authentic flip-flaps, it was pretty obvious the one I received was a cheap imitation. It came in a flimsy box with no "Tomy" markings, very bad english and an unlicensed picture of Hello Kitty. I emailed Think Geek and explained that they had sent me counterfeit goods and requested free return shipping or a refund. I was told that it wasn't counterfeit and the manufacterer must've "messed up" and put it in the wrong box... WTF?! If they'll sell (and deny it) fake flip-flaps, who's to stop them from selling other counterfeit merch? They're on my bag of crap list!


Best site on the Internet besides Woot


How exactly is this a deal??? Free shipping should be standard for retailers around christmas... >:-[


had a few presents in my cart, but figured I'd wait until today since they had a Cyber Monday deal last year too :) Saved myself almost 8 bucks!


@williamwj: Shipping is never "free," most retailers now just build it into the cost of the item.

In many ways I prefer it calculated separately, so retailers can discount shipping costs when ordering multiple items (see Woot! as a great example of this).

This is actually an outstanding deal, basically amounting to ThinkGeek putting (almost) their entire inventory on sale.



I hate to constantly refer to those guys, but they have the lowest prices on most things + free S&H. Not all retailers gouge for shipping. Woot is another good example $5 to ship me a TV heh :)

Although MOST do gouge for shipping. lol, honestly I really only shop at places with free shipping nowdays.


In for a titanium spork for the office gift exchange. Free shipping is my friend.


still going on until tuesday 3pm est now. I also had a paypal issue at checkout but ended up just using my creditcard