dealswoot-opoly board game for $14.99 + free shipping


Woot on 'zom. I'm now embarrassed to own it. And I bought it at the originally offered price,19.99, and paid ship.
What a fool I am. * hangs head in shame *


How the hell can NOBODY have left any witty reviews for me to peruse?? :(


I'm so tired of seeing Amazon turn into a repository for Woot's cast-off items. ...Wait, what?


I wonder if they have so many that they need to push them over on the mother ship maybe they will have included cases as parts of yesterdays BoC's


Didn't they claim it had an MSRP of $29.99 when they sold it here? Now Amazon is selling it for half of that?


@lparsons42: Hold on...let me check your math...yep that's about half price! :)

Edit: it's still woot selling it. Just through Amazon for greater, longer-lasting exposure.


I feel dumb for buying this when it first came out...
25 plus shipping. So young and naive!


Which board is this. Is this the original one? Or the one where the big bad banker came in and bought up all the properties, renamed everything and got rid of the bag of craps and the Jumbo Woot coupon prizes?


I expired this deal because it's only $10 now.