dealsspilo decanter by global amici for $12.00


Oh, I just love it when sites FORCE you to create a login just to see a product...


@skunkmonkey: It doesn't force you at all. I didn't see any guns pointing at you.

You can just not shop there, or like most resourceful people...use a shopping email address. If you can find it cheaper elsewhere, please post, otherwise...I don't see why we are just "entitled" to deals. It's just an email address, what's the big deal?


@lll0228: Your deals are often good ones, but your defense of "just don't shop there" is pretty lame.

I really wish you'd stop listing sites that require my information before showing me their merchandise.


@magic cave: Why is it lame? It's just reality, I respect their choices.

It's just like changing the channels. And apparently, looking at the deal ratings in general, you are quite right, my deals are generally pretty highly rated. So may be that's a sign that I should keep posting these for the community.


@lll0228: Of course you should keep posting them. I'll just start ignoring them completely, which will reduce my own level of frustration with the items you post.