dealsvibram fivefingers – save 50% – 55% off retail


And as always, men's 47 is insta-sold out.


Is there a coupon code? Otherwise, this deal is as unspectacular as they come.


I can't believe these idiots still don't list the Vibram size in their order selection! They list US/EU sizes which DON'T correspond with Vibram. I've informed them about the error numerous times & even notified Vibram (after talking to Vibram's customer service their comment was "what a bunch of f@#king idiots"). I can only imagine the number of people who've had to go through the hassle of returning shoes bought from LeftLane because they got the wrong size. Hopefully they don't blame Vibram for the mistake because they make an excellent minimalist running shoe.


Are there special socks for these? I had a roommate in college that wore them with bare feet and they always stunk...wondering if there's a solution to that...


@dmaz: yes, there are socks - - but they're really expensive for a single pair.


@dmaz: google around. I have purchased a few pair and found the thinner sock works best for me, but most of the time I run without. I also make it a point to turn my shoes upside down on top of a small fan to help dry them out and and wash them with a hunter's no smell laundry soap. So far, I've never had any of my Vibrams go funky foot.

@bunnyb0y: This is the main reason why I haven't taken advantage of any of their offers. I'm an amazon and take a women's 42, and not all of the women's shoes come in my size :(



Take 30 seconds to go to the vibram website and insert your measurements into their calculator gimmick. I normally wear a women's 8 and if I went by the US/EU conversion I would've been two sizes off.

That said, these are an excellent deal. =)


my daughter's wanting a pair of these for Christmas...but she has short fat toes...should I try to order and surprise her or take her to the mall the day after Christmas (when everything's on sale anyway) so she can try them on and make sure she likes/wants them?


@mrsque: They do take some getting used to. My little toe is close to non-existent and I was surprised by how well they fit. They kinda seperate your toes so that they lay naturally.

However, since accurate measurements are a must and you can't really stealth measure someone's foot, you might be better off taking her to the mall. Fair warning, the way these are made there is NO wiggle room so the "right" size will be hard to get on.


@bunnyb0y: That's so weird, I bought my Five Fingers from them a couple of months ago and they had the correct sizing chart. After reading your post I went back to double check and here's what my invoice said:

Vibram FiveFingers KSO - Mens
(Grey Palm/Clay)-44- 11 1/4"

I went and looked at the link in this deal and yeah, they have the standard sizing chart. Maybe it depends on how you load the page?


Wish they had special version for those of us that have webbed toes! (only two toes connected on each foot) :)


If you want a pair for cheeper than what this website is selling them for head over to|0
instead. they have pairs starting at 29.99 (for women's Jaya) to 150.00 (for men/women's Lontra)