dealssamsung 840 pro series mz-7pd512bw 2.5" 512gb…


Really? That's a deal? The similar deal posted for $280 for 500 gb is at least reasonable. Personally, I think the $150 deal for 250 gig (I just purchased a couple of days ago from Newegg) is a far better deal unless you absolutely NEED the extra 250 gig. SSDs will continue to evolve and improve and prices for something like this will be a fraction of what you paid for it in a couple of years.


This is pretty much the best consumer SSD on the market. The $280 for 500GB deal is for the Samsung 840 series, which are made with a new kind of cheap, slower flash memory.

This is the lowest I have ever seen this drive go for, and if I hadn't broken down and paid full retail for this drive two weeks ago, I'd be all over this.


@kirkhilles: Knowing the difference between an 840 and an 840 Pro will help avoid such foolish rants in the future, sir.


and a 5 year warranty? not a bad deal at all.