dealssaturday morning cartoons: 1980s, vol. 1 for $9…


At night the Boogy Man checks his closet for Chuck Norris


Chuck Norris can divide by zero.


Somewhat related, I watched a rerun of the Jetsons the other day and it wasn't anywhere near as cool as I remembered. The sound effects/music were incredibly obnoxious to adult ears. Damn I'm getting old :(


Was it an original sound-track or some reworked crap?
I notice a lot of audio track shenanigans on old works.

And, on a less related note, notice a lot of poor mixing on new shows. Be it a drama or a reality show they swamp out dialog with inane background music. WTF? Must be like shaky cam - a new "technique" that should have never made it past producers or exec's(or earliest of all focus groups & test audiences)....because it's not trendy or cool rather it is utter garbage. a b**chy mood I guess ;-)
Ever since they butchered Jonny Quest & Mr Magoo dialog - dang idiot execs in Hollywood/NYC.