dealsscosche revive iv 4-port usb home charger (4 amps…


If only there was a way to know before buying if these things are any good.

Last USB charger I bought had really poor voltage regulation and very high ripple. Not defective, just designed that way. Few reviewers actually measure the output.


It looks like it'd be really annoying trying to remove either of the middle two cables if all 4 are in use considering how little space there is between the ports.


@aojle: If it is not an authentic big name brand e.g. samsung apple lg etc the current will not be clean.
Basically when you pay the extra $ you are paying for voltage regulation and better quality.

I have encountered really bad ones that made my touch screen unusable while charging

Personally this is an area where I would fork out some extra $ for peace of mind.


@bolts: Thanks for that review link. I'm swapping out my no name charger for my Touchpad's charger right now.


in for one, how bad can it be? :)


I'm in for 2. Amazon reviews say the power output is good, but the design as far as the AC prongs are poorly designed and don't plug into the wall flush and leave a small gap. However when reading the description it sounds good enough to me. Especially at this price.


Bolts, thanks for the charger review link. I thought cheaper was not as good but who cares, right? WRONG... I used cheap chargers until today. I had the touchscreen problem with a phone. I thought it was the phone, and so did a lot of others in forums with the same problem. But now that I think about it, it was probably the cheap no name charger I was using. Too bad I no longer have that phone to test the theory, but I venture to guess this article is correct.



FYI: Cheapest shipping is $1.99


I have to tell u that the no name are no worse than the named chargers my iPhone will do nothing when it's on my charger , and if I unplug it it works fine !!! Go figure right ?


Bolt - want to thank you as well for the charger test link - scariest thing is not the potential touch screen problems but the potential fire hazard from a short with the counterfeits!


@bolts: I would agree about the no-name chargers, but I think Scosche is legit...


@bolts: Great article, thanks for sharing that!


@bolts: I appreciate your link, it's really informative. I think Scosche products are pretty decent though. I googled Scoshe and checked out their Amazon reviews on various electronics and they are all pretty favorable
It seems like a decent company:
I think this would be a safe bet.


Not enough juice for current iPhones/iPads, etc.


+1 for Scoche. I've used their products in car audio installs and never had a problem. They aren't some foreign imitation company.

As it turns out, designing an AC/DC converter doesn't require Apple geniuses. It is something that 99% of electrical engineers have done in an undergraduate lab class. So those of you that think you need to pay $20 for Apple to stamp their name on something they almost certainly sub-out are probably the ones getting taken advantage of.


@hofmaster2001: Any chance your charger might be counterfeit? If not maybe try a different apple charger and see if it reacts the same way?