deals1,000 bandages of assorted sizes for $8.99


Aside from the dead link, notice that fully 1/2 the bandages are that tiny "junior size" that never get used around here, and another 100 are 'spots' that aren't useful for much either.
So for $14 you get, essentially, 400 decent size bandages.
Certainly not a good deal for me.


These same bandages are available at most dollar stores as well, and no need to buy 10 boxes or pay shipping.


Lifetime supply for anyone that will never have kids.


@heesme: LOL, how true!
After I posted earlier I thought that those junior and spot bandages are good for all those imaginary boo-boos little kids get.
Although, even on a little kid, a real boo-boo usually requires the larger size.


Has anyone had bandaids last for more then a couple years anyway? I feel like anytime I've opened an old box the sticky part was useless.


I've found cheap bandaids tend to have the adhesive get really gross/sticky/lose its stickiness after a few years in the drawer.

Not sure if I'm the only person, either, but I'm allergic to something in cheap band-aids. They give me a horrible rash wherever they're stuck, generally making whatever I'm trying to protect much worse than it would have been otherwise.


The quality of these bandaids is very likely the same that you would get from a 100-pack box purchased at a dollar store, so this is probably not a good deal for anyone, even if you go through a lot.


@racinreaver: Wow! Someone else with an adhesive allergy!

Actually, I'm allergic to the adhesive in Band-Aid brand, the ones they use in hospitals, and just about all brands. I can use Curads, but only if I don't get them wet and am sure to remove them after a few hours. On the rare occasions I have been hospitalized they have had to attach needles with Ace bandages. Urgh!

I posted this, and the deal gets the same series of comments about quality every time it is offered, but those with small kids know that having a huge supply of these on hand is priceless. A real or imagined boo-boo can be miraculously healed and tears stopped simply by offering a bandaid. When my daughter was about 3 she found a box of bandages her brother left out and covered herself in them. Might as well keep some around for this!


When I was a Plumber we had a guy
who would start bleeding if he even LOOKED at sheet metal work.

This might last him a week.


Would be great for treating "death by a thousand cuts".