dealscaptain america vs. red skull - salt & pepper…


I really don't understand what market segment they're trying to reach with these. Bachelors are just going to use the S&P shakers they stole off the Burger King table they were eating off of and a man who's married would never be able to set foot inside his house with those let alone use them on the table.


Gag Gift?? andrewpiner
Not sure either


I probably wouldn't use these as intended. I'd probably just display them in the kitchen and make bad jokes about the Red Skull getting salty and Captain America peppering him with punches.


@andrewpiner i'm sure there's a huge population of comic book geeks who would love these. chances are they live with their parents and eat dinner in their room anyway. these would sit proudly on their computer desk


These are awesome! I'd proudly display these on my table, but I don't think my boyfriend would appreciate me replacing our robot salt and pepper shakers.