dealsapple ipod nano 4gb - recertified for $29.99…


This is my favorite iPod. It is super lightweight and sleek. Not only does it hold loads of music and podcasts, it has a pedometer and takes video. Awesome.


Is this seriously considered a deal?


@hasopt: This neither records nor play video. I think you've got the wrong model in mind.


@ereenay: Why not? The cheapest Sensa on Newegg is $35 with 4Gb of memory. How is this not a deal?


If you order more than one, why is shipping $5. per ipod instead of $5 for all ?


This is the second generation Nano, originally sold between 2006 and 2007. That means, depending on the refurb job, these could have a 6-7 year old battery.


i bought my 4gb nao back like over 10 years ago for like 150 i think

its still going strong today. i use it daily for my massage music with free podcasts

i have a sansa i bought for 30 bucks. it lasted me 2-3 years then quit on me

results may vary but having access to itunes and the free podcasts make this a deal IMO


Still use this model to this day and love it. I use it everytime I work out a couple times a week (use it with an armband). Small, lightweight, and still holds a good charge; not great but get maybe 3-4 hours out of it before the battery dies (this is after almost consistent use over the past years).


This is a great deal. My 6 and 9 year old kids have been pestering me for an ipod for a while and I have no worries about getting these for them.


I'm tempted since I learned that you can put Rockbox on it.


I see your 4GB recert iPod and raise you an 8GB refurb Sansa Clip+ for $19.99 AR. Includes features such as FM tuner, voice recording capability, Rockbox compatibility, MicroSD expandability.

There are two other Clip+ deals on brand new 4GB models still active through today at Newegg, both cheaper than these iPods. Unfortunately the new 4GB Clip Zip deal appears to be sold out. Search deals.woot for Sansa and order by most recent, you'll find them.

I never managed to get a Sansa directly from a woot site, but I have a few of them and think they're one of the best little players out there. The only downside that I don't care for is that the batteries can't easily be replaced, and those are something that will degrade over time. But this is likewise a problem of iPod devices.

Now, if you're sold on iPod devices... then I guess this is a good deal?

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A pretty good deal. I've a Clip Zip, but I'm considering picking one of these up for my car, since the MP3 player integration works way better with an iPod than the Sansa. (This isn't the fault of the Sansa people - my experience with the Honda Fit has been that the USB port only works well with Apple products, though.)


@robio: You are right! I have the fifth gen. Thank you for the correction.


Definitely in for one: my home theater system and car stereo are a couple of years old (and therefore considered ANCIENT) and both are compatible with this gen.


This seems to be in the right price band for recent ebay sales. Also on ebay, you can pick up a new (after-market) battery for $5 with free shipping.


@samstag: Thx for your post. Once I learned what Rockbox was, I ordered two of these Ipods, I luvs me some custom firmware ... this was the first Apple branded product purchase I ever made (work gives me an Iphone and I "meh" it).


Thanks for posting! My ancient mini finally lost its mind, I needed a replacement, and this is a great size to take on a hike or a run.


@fit410s: "but having access to itunes and the free podcasts make this a deal IMO"

I'm pretty sure you can use iTunes with players other than iPods, right? I know I do plenty of podcast listening on devices that aren't iPods. Hell, my work-provided Blackberry phone is my primary podcast device.

@samstag: thanks for the reminder about Rockbox! I forgot they were able to get that on some of the early iPods. That does make this tempting for me, even if just to play around with that.

And to what others have said regarding interfacing with things like car and home stereos... yeah, that tends to be one place where the i* devices win. I wish manufacturers could get together and develop an open standard that would work with just a normal USB connection.

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Deal is not dead yet. Only some colors are sold out and it says still available for 2 more days.


PEOPLE Check out these Review sites on this company:

I find it bothersome that WOOT, is displaying offers from this company when they have a very bad reputation for a variety of things including not getting refunds, not getting anyone to resolve their issue, selling items that are not made by the mft. but instead are knock offs. But don't believe me... check the reviews from hundreds of very unhappy ppl. How can Woot justify advertising or basically referring it's customers to this place? There is some sort of accountability lost here. Woot is co-signing their bullsh!t by posting their ad... not to be rude, just being completely honest.