dealsactivision skylanders starter pack xbox 360 & ps3…


@livinonedge: Wellll that one only mentions the Wii, I went ahead and covered the other platforms (as I mentioned) so not so much a duplicate. I saw the Wii one and was wondering, even went to Sears site and under the daily deal it ONLY says Wii. I did a search for Xbox and PS3 and found out it was those as well. Thus I came back here to let others know it isn't only Wii.


Although my son has this (it came bundled with his XBox 360) and loves it, if I was looking to start over, I'd definitely get him the Skylanders GIANTS rather than Spyro's Adventure. Spyro's Adventure figures are very hard to find in stores. Giants figures are everywhere but, according to him, they are incompatible with the Spyro's Adventure game.

(Of course, if you'd rather not be pestered to buy new figures from time to time, this might be the way to go! {grin})