dealsl.a. noire [pc download] for $4.99 + free shipping


Somebody's inevitably gonna make fun of the "free shipping," so I say to YOU - guy who is thinking about making fun of the free shipping - go look at Alan Wake for the 360.


@drchops: I take great joy in checking free shipping on downloads. :) Some folks have no sense of humor.


@okham: Least the shipping is faster than UPS :P

As for the game, beware, there are several issues reported with patching and many glitches and bugs in this version. For $5 I say it's worth a try and if it doesn't work, contact support, some have given reports of refunds being issued if it flatout didn't work for you.


I downloaded it over the weekend. The game's "launcher" would never work. I contacted Amazon and got a refund, although that was contrary to their policy.


@drchops: I clicked "free shipping" for my first digital download post (which also happened to be my first deals.woot post). Of course someone made fun of my post and my self-confidence was shattered. That's why I continue to hang out here.

Game works on my Win7x64 system but it is a little bit of a pain to install because Rockstar wants you to sign up for useless stuff like their Social Club. It's a huge download too (13GB) and following installation you have to download another big update from Rockstar before you can start playing.


I was pretty pumped up for this game before it was released last year. I played it on the 360 for about a week and was really disappointed and quickly sold it.

That being said, for 5 bucks you really can't lose.


there's this thing called a torrent...


@djsouthunited: agreed, but for $5...not worth the effort -- I can afford to go legit at that price.


I do not recommend the PC version of this game. It is a piss poor port to the PC. Everyone has problems with FPS being incredibly bad and slow, even at 800 x 600. Upgrading your system doesn't help either, according to others online that have top of the line cards and processors.

I don't have a phenomenal system (Nvidia 9800 GT, AMD Athlon 64 X2 4600+, 4GB Ram), but I can run every other game at 1680 x 1050 with high detail and have no problems running games such as CoD4 MW2, Battlefied Bad Company, HL2, Dragon Age Origins, etc. However, I can't run this game at 800 x 600 and low detail without still having major FPS issues. Eventually, it was too frustrating and ruined the game experience, so ultimately I stopped playing it.


@bigshtank: HL2 isn't the best benchmark seeing as it's about 7.5 years old. Even then, it ran well on everything


Great game. No problems at all on a PC.


Even if its a bit glitchy its better then when I played detective irl its way too glitchy outside half the time the game just crashes the system and it'll stay pitch black outside for hours! No quick rest function either!
And the graphics stink unless you buy into their stupid money grabing glasses DLC.