dealslenovo headset w/ mic p950 for $9.99


These are great, basic headphones that do their job. Don't expect luxury here, they're utilitarian and inexpensive, but they have all day comfort, adequate sound and a good mic...all most of us need.


It appears that the coupon code is no longer valid...


@tradergeorge: It works for me. Put the code in the eCoupon section of the cart summary.


@tradergeorge: It still works.. Make sure you dont add any spaces after the code..



Nice headset for 10 bucks


coupon is not working for me

WORKED:......a space too many in front of code
thank you posters


Note: If you want to use PayPal, you must have, or sign up for a new, account with Lenovo.


@lazarus1: Thanks for the heads up. Their shopping cart really did not make that clear. I tried to check out, everything normal as I get sent to PayPal, but then PayPal would say payment sent and return me to the shopping cart (but still asking me to select a payment method and check out).

If I then tried to check out with Lenovo's checkout button as opposed to PayPal, my shipping details were already filled in (sent from PayPal). I didn't catch any warning as to needing the account but that makes sense, I bet that is what is going on with the Amazon checkout too which basically does the same thing.

I appreciate the feed back.


This just worked for me, NYC, thanks!


Just bought one.Thanks for the link!


I finally got it to work...Have to be careful when cutting and pasting...Block should be set to reject spaces. Poor coding...


These are terribly uncomfortable. I wouldn't even give them to Goodwill, I just threw them in the trash. Avoid unless you are desperate.


just bought 2 more. Bought one last time they were offered and I couldn't be more happier. I use them everyday for my online and offline classes and everything in between and I must have dropped them atleast 100 times if not more, not kidding and they're still as good as the first time. Great headset for the money, wish i could say the same about their laptops. this is the third time the screen stopped working within last 2 years, no i have never dropped my laptop lol.


Call me a Lenovo fanboy. I am. In for two to go with the three ThinkPads scattered across my desk. At this point, frankly, (especially being 100% linux) I just don't even consider any other brand of laptop.

Coupon code worked fine, 2 for $20. Great deal.


@searchneverend: It will never cease to amaze my how people define their devices by how much punishment and abuse they will endure. For all my life, I have been buying rather delicate things and hardly ever damage, break or otherwise abuse them. I am a total gadget geek, and my behavior did not start with tablets and laptops, etc. I have also taught my children that same respect for their things. If they broke them, they did not get replaced unless the "breaker" paid for them. They learned quick. I have CDs from 15 years ago with nary a scratch. The same for my DVD and Blu-Ray collection. Most of my devices still look new when I upgrade to the next one.I have several pairs of headphones that many declare "unusable" because they break too easy....Mine are still perfect. So, unless something is just total junk, I am able to get a lot of use out of it.

I did not really mean this tirade as a reply to you, but it was a convenient place to put it, since you mentioned the subject....Cheers.


@tradergeorge: nobody cares. seriously. it's ok with everyone else that you don't understand why they do or don't do things a certain way.


@tradergeorge: im not replying to you to be mean or be an a$$ but do you know why I work? Its so that when I break my stuff I don't have to care. Unlike your kids I dont have to worry about asking my parents to replace my iphone or ipads because i dropped and break them. I usually say oh well, shit happens. Yes, I do have a very good job, I studied my ass for it.
So cheers :))


@tradergeorge I agree with you Pal. I really don't understand why people don't take better care of things. @searchneverend Dude, I mean El Destructo, you must be really clumsy. I mean who seriously drops their headphones 100 times?