deals6-pc deluxe travel bag set for $24.99 + free…



•Main Duffle Bag
◦ Dual zipper for easy packing
◦Handles on top
◦Measures 20x13x10 inches

•Detachable Toiletries or Shoes Compartment
◦Measures 13x10 inches
◦Perfect for a pair of shoes or toiletries
◦Has a zipper in the front for smaller items

•Detachable Computer Messenger Bag
◦Fits a 14" laptop comfortably, but a 15.4 uncomfortably, yet it still zips up
◦Several zippers and pockets for all your office neccessities
◦Buckle clasps to prevent items from falling out
◦Includes a shoulder strap

•Detachable Mini Backpack
◦Measures 14x10 inches
◦Has a zipper in the front
◦Backpack straps are adjustable
◦Perfect for the day hike bag!

•Detachable Passport/ID/Small Items Fanny Pack
◦Measures 10.5x6.5 inches
◦2 Zippered pockets
◦Detaches into a fanny pack with an adjustable buckle to go around your waist
◦Perfect for hands-free carry of personal identification/cash items



More details:

•Detachable Cell Phone Compartment with belt loop
◦Measures 6x3.5 inches
◦Perfect for most cellphone sizes, probably not the big phones like Samsung Galaxy Note ;)
◦Has a buckle and velcro clasp to ensure it doesn't fall out

Upgrade your bag to a MYSTERY BAG for just $9.99 more!

I know DW doesn't allow us to post mystery items from other sites, but this deal is for the luggage set. At this price it's probably a pretty basic set, but could be very handy. If you ARE interested in upgrading to a mystery bag, I can certainly vouch for the mystery bags on this site. I've purchased more than I should have from them, and gotten a few freebies from this company. None have been a disappointment


I actually noticed this bag the other day. watched the video too. seems ok for my upcoming trip but as im now just planning on taking two checked bags i'll probably just take my back pack as one of my personal items on the plane.
I did the .99 mystery items on there before got to say they were so lame i'll probably never do one again. one was a numerology book, some kind of air freshener things to stick in my air vents on the truck, and who knows where they got this, but a white clean suit, for either working in sterile areas or places where you wouldn't want your clothes exposed.

as usual I upvoted the deal anyways.


Detachable/convertible is overrated. Everything gets separated, you don't remember how to put it back together, you don't remember which bag goes with which. Give me a good quality duffel, a good quality backpack, a good quality fanny pack, etc. This seems only fair quality--the real "quality" is the ability to reconfigure it. If that's your bag...


@luke975: I usually do the 99 cent mystery add-on, too. I've gotten some good stuff and some that wasn't so great, but for the price I was happy enough. Several times I got one of those credit card-sized lights, which are handy. Stuff like that.

On the other hand, I've gotten terrific stuff in their mystery bags. I just got a retro Mickey Mouse alarm clock, Guesstimation board game, gecko water sprinkler, purse organizer, t-shirts, kitchen gadgets, candles, firepots, etc. Lots of stuff, mostly good. I am currently enjoying a can opened shaped like a crocodile, although since I am in South Louisiana I prefer to think of it as an alligator.

Anyway, don't let the 99 cent thingies throw you off of their mystery deals. The ones on this site are my favorites! Well, except, perhaps, for Woot BOCs, but these are much easier to get.


In for one. The video convinced me. I don't think you can beat this deal. Hopefully it's not a cheaply made bag that falls apart after one trip.


Boy that looks too good to be true, very, very tempted!


Damn you Woot! Costing me money again. I hope this bag fits on my collapsible luggage cart. I wonder with all of the extensions attached to it, would it still be small enough to be considered a carry on? I wish that messenger bag was TSA-friendly. It sucks having to take out your laptop all the time.