deals** hp touchpad sleeve - for $1.99


It shows $5.95 standard shipping. :(


@kamikaze2007: Thanks for noting this. I've tattled to have the 'free shipping' label removed...earlier it really was.

Just checked it myself, though, and it's showing $5.25 standard shipping. Not sure why it's a different amount than you were quoted, unless it's assuming delivery based on IP address (no zip was provided).


The same thing with the 'Free' shipping happened yesterday.

And the same comment in that thread goes for this one (and I think every other deal I've seen going to HP Shopping). The Woot link doesn't work, but you can find the item under the Accessories drop-down, and then Tablet Accessories.


@kamikaze2007: Well isn't that interesting? Now I've learned something new for the day.