dealsdennis rodman ambassador to north korea t-shirt…


It's depressing and odd to see such a dangerously insane person try to stay in the limelight.

And Dennis Rodman's story isn't that great either.


Dennis Rodman's mom, Maxine Waters, sister Sheila Jackson Lee and god-mother Nancy Pelosi are so proud of Dennis The funds from the sale of this shirt will help get Kim Jong Un those braces he desperately needs.


ROTFLMAO. Rodman a diplomat? Lets send someone less relevant. O no can't find anyone.


I love how he talks about how humble he is while wearing a suit with dollar signs on it.

Dennis Rodman for President! Because he can't really be worse than what we've got..


Actually, they are pretty much a good match. They are both nuts and an embarrassment to the human race.


when i read the sub-title, i thought it said, "A True American loon!


You right-wing homophobic psuedo-patriotic lackey's bore the hell out of me. Shaddup.


@marca: yeah, because we must be homophobic because we don't support a massive debt and no plan to cut it, a President who once taught Constitutional law yet doesn't appear to have ever read the Constitution, state sponsored class warfare, and a vice president who is incapable of not making a fool of himself. It's so cute how the Democratic Party is the party of equality and love, which is why they call everyone who isn't a Democrat a racist sexist inbred homophobic retard.


You kinda sound like a racist sexist inbred homophobic person...Minus the "retard" because democrats don't use that word.


@cac53: See why it's so hard to talk to liberals? They always resort to name calling. Listen, I have nothing against you as a person, I'm sure you're a wonderful person who has done a lot of good in your life. Just because I disagree with you politically doesn't mean I'm every nasty word in your dictionary, it means we disagree. I'm open to new ideas, so rather than name calling, why not post facts that you think discount my points? At least try to be mature. Thanks, have a great day.


@kev50027: I was just making jest over your specific list of names that liberals use to label conservatives. It was a joke. I honestly don't care about anyone's political stance. Politics is just a bunch of malarkey...(you see how i referenced Biden?).