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Tried twice but it kept coming up that my preferred address is not accepted; ridiculous since I use this same address with everything and every time I pay with Paypal. Guess I don't need this CD that much...


I'm impressed that it ends with his Nine Inch Nails cover.


Great deal -- thanks for posting it!


In for one...thanks for posting!


Somehow when I listen to Johnny's Hurt, I believe it, I feel it in his music.


Every time I try one of these community sourced deals I regret it.

I chose "I want one", went to the site, filled everything out noticing free shipping and guess what? Store pickup is the only option. My address (not a PO box) is disabled.

So, of course I canceled.

Woot really ought to pull the community sourced deals off their website. Over all the times I have tried to buy one I have never had one go through successfully.


Deal worked for me just fine...with one little hitch. When I used Explorer 8, I kept getting the "address error" that a few folks mentioned above. When I went through Mozilla Firefox, the deal went through perfectly the first time.


Worked perfectly well for me using IE9.

Funny, I was listening to Johnny Cash last night. A lot of older stuff than these.

This will make a great gift for my daughter.


Thank you so much! Great deal! My 15 year old is going through a Johnny Cash stage for some reason. Along with Metallica and AC/DC. He will love this!


@cnherrick: You want a widely used and loved portion of woot to be pulled off of the site because you've yet to catch a deal fast enough where the product can be sent to you? How exactly does that make sense?


Love me some Johnny Cash, but it bothers me that they claim to reduce the Legend of Johnny Cash to something that fits in a small plastic jewel case.