dealsset of 8 amazing sliders furniture mover…


Not putting the O.P of this deal, but these sliders are terrible! I tried moving our small 3 drawer dresser and they just kept sliding out from underneath the legs. Maybe it was just me or maybe the floor. But I have a different "As seen on tv" set and they work 10x better than this one. JMO.

But for $2.99, they will probably serve their purpose.


I have to agree with lawncare's post. I had these and they are pieces of carp! They scratched up my wood floors and barely worked on carpet (kept coming out from under my furniture when I tried to move it).

For $2.99 they make great small frisbees if you know of a miniature disc-golf course.

Or you can give them to your kids and let them use as small floatation devices in the tub. (they can hold army men pretty well)


In for three!

I never believed these things would work until.... My mother bought some from a different site for $1.00 the other day. We put a very heavy desk on them that took 4 people to lift. My 50+ year old mother can push this desk around by herself now!


i had the beige ones they worked well for me , you got to make sure they have a thick enough foam cushion to keep the furniture legs on there from slipping


@tangadotcom: you could at least mention the $3.99 shipping... it doesn't sound so great once that's added to the price.


These are NOT designed to be used on hardwood floors. Hardwood floor sliders have fuzzy, carpet-like material on their bottoms. These work fine on carpeted floors.


I got a couple of sets of these at Menards. It's great for putting under the coffee table so it can easily be moved out of the way by the kid so he can game with the Kinnect


I got a similar set of "moving men" at a gag gift exchange. I thought they were stupid until I moved my treadmill through a narrow hallway by myself.