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wow that 350 miah AA battery is huge! bet it can light the light all night long!


I Bought a couple of the adjustable/spotlights of this brand....The battery doesn't last long at all into the night, and the tube that holds the spike and light together breaks VERY easy. However, for this price...get an extra set for if yah break one or 2 ;)


Do these kinds of things ever perform for longer than a year? My neighbor keeps buying them, sticking the new set in right next to the old set. You can gauge their age by dim-dimmer-dimmest. They probably could have paid for a wired light installation by now, instead of having a yard full of landfill-ready plastic stakes.


I'm one of those who buys solar because of the hassle of setting up a wired set with limited exterior outlets. You'll gamble on whether all will work after being exposed to blazing heat and freezing temps within a year. Probably 3 out of 10 will fail.


It's a good deal if you want to waste some money. The last set of 4 that we purchased 6 months ago had a 75% failure rate within the first 30 days.


I just don't understand...... But, but, they are made by WESTINGHOUSE!!!




Bought 2 sets of these a couple weeks ago from woot and all of them are working fine. I've never seen a lower price. I use solar lights all over the yard. Batteries like these usually last me a couple years. I buy replacement batteries (800 mah) in bulk for about .80 a piece.


parts missing and 1 light so far does not work from the start - nor can I get it open to change the battery - no they don't last long at night.