deals2k shooter pack [download]: video games for $9.99

I got the WTF Pack instead, which is Duke Nukem Forever (no dlc I think), Borderlands Game of the Year and The Darkness II. I already had Bioshock 1/2.


@myktek: I didnt see that one, I might have done the same. I already had Bio 1&2 also.


If anyone JUST wants the 2 Bioshocks, there's a seperate bundle available for $4.99, called the "Bioshock Dual Pack"..


Isn't it a bit insensitive to sell a 'shooter' pack, after the traumatic events of last Friday?


@rickmoorect: I know I'm anti-PC here, but if we must keep track of everything in the world to not offend, then it's not worth it.

I'll even say that I'm completely tired of the circus the media has whipped up ("Need new gun laws" -- for a 22 pistol? vs "See, this is what happens when you remove church from school").

Time for us to go about our business and move on.

OTOH, those Westboro folks can pee up a flagpole. Please intervene, Freedom Riders.


@rickmoorect: If we were in that mindset, then we would be insensitive to release ANY shooter game with all the violence in the world, because who knows who we might offend. I understand your thought process, but thromj is correct that we can't keep track of everything.


If any of these games promote the murder of innocent children, let me know.
I dont want them.
I dont want to support the companies that provide such crap.
I have never played the GTA games because they reward you for killing cops and prostitutes and little old ladies crossing the street and other innocent people.

I see nothing wrong with killing Monsters and Murderers and Zombies that have shown an interest in dining on my brains. It's SELF DEFENSE, not stalking little kids as prey. Thats just sick!

I buy these bundles when they are ridiculously cheap
My favorite games are real time strategy, like AOE, The Conquerors.
Because I am not amused by bloodshed.
I am repulsed by real life violence and may later regret such purchases.
But, I have a compass and know the difference in digital games and reality

God bless the victims, families, survivors and friends of the horrific tragedy in CT a week ago. May such tragedies never happen again.