dealsthe shield: the complete series for $24.99


I just finished re-watching this entire series with my wife. Took about a month. What a great show that was. Fantastic, powerful ending too. I wonder whatever happened to Dutch? That guy was great!


Not available anywhere near me, bummer. I purchased all the individual seasons over the years (and spent a lot more than $25 in the process) - would I gain anything from this that I didn't get from the individual seasons?


Great deal but an FYI for those Amazon Prime members out there, all 7 season are free to stream on Amazon Instant Video.


Web bait. It's only available for pickup, but unavailable at 15 stores local to me. I hate Best Buy.


Best crap dose suck all the stores neear me dont have it. Great show


It's still under $30 with home shipping for me. In for one.