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Deal won't work for me. Rings up at 13.99 with no discount. Suggestions?


Same problem, except mine says $16.99


It's the Bounty Basic 12-pack that is $11.99, the Brawny specified in this post don't seem to be discounted at all.


The $2.50 coupon automatically kicks in at checkout, bringing the total down to $11.99.


@cavalierx: Doesn't for me.

I see $16.99 all the way through to inputting credit card info. The Bounty Basic towels are in a banner ad for $11.99. Woot misprint?


FYI: I just ordered over the phone after the site wouldn't take any of my credit cards. Staples says that they're having problems with the website. I suggest ordering over the phone or trying later.


Update: I didn't realize until after I ordered...the sale seems to be for the Bounty Basic, not fior the Brawny.


Just called Staples @ 1-800-333-3330 and they gave me a hassle about the items on their website for sale..... They said it was a misprint on WOOT!


The Brawny was on sale at launch. It looks like they switched it to the Bounty. Deal updated.


I was able to get it & had no issues! It appears that all is good.


at 1 ply rolls, not a deal. can get this at most Wally Worlds or Target`


@markriddle: I respect what you're saying, but it's a good deal for me. I'm in a rural area about 25 miles from the nearest Walmart or Target. Target is shipping by local courier and I'll have it Tuesday. That's good service, I'd say. The Brawny are 2-ply and have a little over half the sheets. With the Bounty if I need 2 ply I can just use 2 sheets, otherwise if I only need one I can save money. Let's see 50 miles round trip at 15 mpg on snow covered roads in my 4x4 and fighting the crowds at the store or getting delivered to my door in two days? Definitely a good deal for me.


@bnbsouthworth: the deal you posted is only good if you live near a K-Mart, since it is for in-store pickup only. The nearest one to me is over 100 miles away.



I stand corrected. I should have been more specific...because %90 of Americans live within 15 minutes of a Walmart, my review should say not a deal for most people...That being clarified, you may find even better deals by WalMart shipped directly to your door for a small price or nothing if your order is over $45.


better deal 2 weeks ago when they had 8 rolls of bounty basic for $4.99.

Either way, I'm ordering since I just got my monthly $40 staples rewards. Free paper towels and TP FTW!


Worked for me just now at the last step of the checkout. And it's delivered for free!


@markriddle: No problem, markriddle. I definitely see your side, although it's kind of sad that 90% of the population lives close to a Walmart. Take care. :)