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Anyone have one of these? Love the idea...but would like to hear how well they actually work.


Hi all my name is Mike, if anyone has any questions about the product please let me know.


@bigpapaskills: The product really does work, its one of very few that do. We use Samsung Chips & Batteries. We also guarantee the product to work 100% or your money back.


For reviews that are more likely to be real, QVC had these once and they do not appear to be too reliable:

Don't go by the number of stars in the reviews, though: some people gave it horrible reviews, but ranked it as 4 stars (unclear on the concept?).


Yeah...was about ready to click buy on this. I'm glad I read the comments first.

Obvious shilling is obvious.


FWIW, I recently bought this USB charger:
Admittedly it's certainly no 12000mAh. Judging from the drain/refills I've gotten versus the capacity of my cell battery, I've clocked it around 5000mAh. But that's real-world numbers for less money than you're spending with this one.

Now go ahead and make another "4life" account and bash my post while promoting your samsung batteries. I'd avoid this on principle alone...


@firebirdude: I'm looking at the one on EBay, looks very cheap as far as the mAh they can say it has high capacity but that means nothing without a good chipset and battery. I can assure everyone here you will be happy with our product. And the only reason we name drop Samsung is because we spend the extra money to use there quality in our product. You get what you pay for.


At least the shills are easy to spot. I hope they will be 4life.


Is it really shilling if they tell you, "Hi, my name is so-and-so, I'm here to answer questions" ?
Because I'm pretty sure that's just them telling you they have an active representative here. Unless I missed something?

(Indeed, it appears I have missed something. Anyone have a screengrab?)


@thumperchick: I'm pretty sure there were comments from sock puppets that have since been removed.

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@thumperchick: I did not think to grab a screenshot, sadly. There were, however, multiple brand new accounts singing the praises of this deal. They really could not have made themselves more obvious if they'd tried.


So, to the product - I'm always leery of sing item, single page websites. I'd pass on this even if it didn't seem like bad conduct on the vendor's part - because the website screams "shady."


@thumperchick: This webpage is just a landing page for the Woot deal, our company website is


I did end up buying it, and I have to say, kinda sucks that they kind of hide things. The account log in, is at the very bottom, small text, and slightly different color from the background.

Also, here it is days later, and mine still shows awaiting fulfilment, plus no way to cancel.


Still showing awaiting fulfillment. I have tried contacting the company about it, awaiting response. It sucks that it has been 10 days now, money has been out of my account for that time, and they've not even begun to ship it.


Still hasn't shipped yet. They also still haven't replied to any attempt at contact.

Anyone get theirs yet?


I contacted Woot asking for help in contacting the seller. Woot basically said tough luck. They said i was on my own in dealing with the seller. Very disappointed in Woot's lack of concern for helping.


They need to do more to vet their sponsored deals.

When I saw it as one of the sponsored deals, I really didn't worry, because I figured Woot wouldn't have it as a sponsored deal if it was someone not trust worthy. If it hadn't been a sponsored deal, I'd have not ignored some of the red flags, and not bought.

What bugs me the most, is the company doesn't even respond to any attempts to contact them.

This may be of use for some of you -


@hellmark: Thanks for the link. I will give them a couple more days and if no response and or no delivery I will file a claim.

Woot's uninterested response has also given me cause to reconsider visiting their site. I definitely will stop forwarding sale items from Woot to friends since Woot obviously doesn't vet the deals that they sponsor.


I will still consider buying from Woot itself, but only if it is a really good deal for something I want. I won't do the sponsored deals anymore. Anything in deals.woot, I'll only do if it is from a site I trust.

Woot has been going down hill big time.


Well well well, it finally showed by way of the US mail. It looks in good shape, I assume that it's a refurb or a return, but it looks new. I've plugged it in to start charging so I can say if it will work as advertised, but at least it's here.

This has been a good lesson for me, I'll have to be very careful from now on before purchasing anything from from Woot. Like you, I'll stick to Woot only sales and then read member comments very carefully before purchasing anything.


@martinrrrr: What does your shipping status on the site show now? Mine still lists awaiting shipment. I am half curious if they just don't bother with the statuses or messaging on the site.

Edit: The sad thing is, I could have really used these over the weekend. Friday night, tornadoes hit my town, and I was without power for the entire weekend. The only thing we had to charge our cellphones is a car charger, so we kept trading off which phone was plugged in to the car, and which phone was with us, and hoping people would try to call both phones when checking in on us.


@hellmark: My shipping status was "Item has shipped" for about 2 weeks or more. The company never would answer their email to tell me expected delivery date or tracking number. This is a major black eye for Woot, in my opinion.


@martinrrrr: Mine still shows "Awaiting Shipment". Never came.

And yeah, major black eye in my book.


Cannot log in anymore. My account was deleted. Filed a charge dispute with my bank. This is total BS. Been well over a month, never got the item, and then they delete my account so I can't even check the status of the order?


That's a shame and a crime. Be sure to see if the bank will throw their weight around and help go after thief that essentially stole money from your account. And for what it's worth, file a claim with the BBB.

Good luck.


Well, to top it off, after my chargeback finalized, the card I used to try and buy the things with was compromised and used to try and buy a bunch of stuff. Seeing as how this place was one of the few that I had used this particular card, it does look pretty suspicious.