dealssave 20% online at


Forgot to mention, this is good from Thursday April 26th through Thursday, May 3rd.


The $7 they quoted for shipping kills this offer for me. Too bad as I need a new pair of Converse All Stars.


@lichme: My email had the same one.. I didn't know if it was a one time use only coupon so I kept it for myself. Thanks for sharing tough!


ok, I need the coupon. How do I get it?


@jankson: Click on the link in lichme's post.


Kohl's suck!!! cancelled my order due to system cancellation?????? 1st and last order from them!!!!


Worked, thank you! There was a pair of shoes I wanted and the only brick and mortar store that sold them near me was Kohl's. They were unfortunately expensive online, but this coupon combined with an online discount to bring them down about $17 less than they were in store. (Coupon saved $11, paid $9 for shipping.)

PS: Enter Coupon Code under "PROMO CODE" when checking out. Annoyingly, it requires you to enter payment information first, but you can then click "APPLY" before confirming your order.


Was able to buy 3 pairs of Levi's for like $103. Thanks!