dealssolar energy powered cockroach for $0.99 + free…


Looks like $2.34 to me instead of 99 cents.


@thesloz: Worked for me after adding the coupon code "MLCKX19ZNL1"


I got one a while back from meritline.

Sun is not powerfull enough most days- you literally have to hold it within an inch of a high powered flood light bulb before it starts to vibrate.

Read the comments on the item... these things are really poor.


Everything I have ever bought from Meritline has been complete garbage. Nothing ever works how it is supposed to, that is even if it shows up at all.


All of the card readers I have bought from Meritline have been very useful. I have bought them for many teachers on my campus who can't seem to get their pictures off of their digital cameras with a cable. Upgrading Windows made a lot of our cameras we use with students incompatible.

I would never buy this cockroach. Our Pre-K and Kindergarten students see plenty of those at home and aren't afraid to tell you about them. I don't like to be around roaches...even fake ones!


BOUGHT 1 a month back,



Mine didn't work either. Even when shining a powerful laser pointer on it.


I ordered a pair a couple of years ago; I put them on the window sill and checked them every day for any sign of movement. I gave up two months ago when I was redoing the kitchen.


Yep, these don't work unless you hold a lamp right on top of them.

Why don't you just ship this company a dollar by PayPal, and then put a dead cockroach on your sill? Same effect, but you won't have to wait for it to be shipped from Hong Kong!


The only solar powered anything I've purchased that works are the waving flowers. I tried a butterfly, didn't work, contacted Meritline for replacement - no longer in stock and money promptly refunded.
Due to a few comments, I feel compelled to defend Meritline. They ship for free or cheap from WTF Province in China. How soon should you reasonably expect to receive it?
I've bought Lord-knows-how-much cheapo and higher end tech from them and never had a problem. Just got a lightweight digital kitchen scale for $6.99 that works like a champ.
You get what you pay for whether it's Meritline or Newegg.


I have one, It works in direct sunlight only. I'll tell you, it is pretty creepy as is (looks like a huge roach), but when the sun hits it, it vibrates to life.

A laser pointer is not going to do it @bsmith1. You are not activating enough light receptors. I can hold a CREE flashlight to it and it will come to life.

These are cool, but don't expect it to come to life in a bright room, it needs direct sunlight.


@j0hnlind: Before I tried the laser, I had it in direct sunlight for an hour and it did nothing. The laser trick works for my solar-powered patio lights. It doesn't charge the battery, but it makes 'em come to life for a moment. I thought this would work the same way. Laser also works good to charge glow in the dark stuff.