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Rumor has it that this is free because Rovio charges you for the Jedi levels inside the game. So you'll end up paying eventually if you want to get through all the levels.


Most companies seem to be moving into the "free to play" area. Charging for content within the game. I don't know about you, but I'd rather pay a couple bucks up front for the whole game.


@joelfantastic: I don't like the charging for content functions either. I'd rather pay up-front.

When you purchase the application up-front, you can install it on ALL of your android devices.

When you purchase the content within the application, I never know if that purchase will automatically be added to all my devices so I have to assume it will not.

Additionally, I'm not sure how this works with the Google commission system. If you are a developer selling your software on the google play store, google takes a piece of the action. However, if you offer the game for free and then charge for content inside the game, does the developer still pay google a portion of that sale?


Just to note, there are free versions of all Rovio's Angry Birds iterations on Android. I'm assuming this version is ad supported like the other free Angry Birds.


@halogx: Not sure this is ad supported because there is a Angry Birds Star Wars Free version as well so this appears to be the retail version somehow.


$0.99 on ios, and I didn't see a free, ad-supported one.


@dupedyetagain: Oops, you're right. When I saw free ones, they were guides and info apps instead of the actual game. My bad.


Well, shoot. The first thing I did after waking up this morning was pay $0.99 for this on iTunes. Guess I'll put this free one on my Android just for the Hell of it.


Got it. Played it a bit. Looks nice. And yes, there are ads in it.