dealspapa john's: get a free pizza from papa john's…


This is, like, a BOGO offer with a fetch quest attached.


@dreamshade: True, but I'd be a lot more motivated to complete more fetch quests if the reward was an IRL pizza.


way too much work for a substandard pizza


a large works for $12 ($15 + tip actually after fees) for delivery tonight

another free pizza in the next 2 weeks, i'm in


Horrible pizza from a company that's too cheap to give its employees health plans because it would raise the cost of each pizza by 19 cents. Buy local, get better food.


@jeefray: I thought he said that they would be raising prices and he has to provide healthcare. I don't blame him for not being supportive of the way Obamacare was put together. Though I'm actually in favor of fully socialized healthcare like you'd find in Canada or the UK.