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WARNING: The Digital Copy is expired for this film. It expired August 3rd 2011. I contacted Lionsgate (12/28/11) and they refused to active this movie because it is outside the promotional period.

I personally bought my copy at Walmart mid-summer, but all other copies I have seen include this same date.

Please keep this in mind when making your purchase.


thats one think I hate about digital copies, is that they expire. I have a ton of movies to activate but haven't; personally I couldn't envision watching a movie on a 2in screen


@swader: Well I was aware that some of them expire because it is clearly marked on the outside of the packaging. However many of them have the expiration date listed in size 2 font inside that block of text on the back of the movie.

Ones that I bought earlier in the year, I did not get so upset when I lost out on the digital copies. But the fact that I bought a couple of them during the Christmas sales and they came pre-expired, really pissed me off.

Now you have a disc and a code but cannot get the movie off the disc because they took the activation server offline, which costs them a couple bucks max to keep it running.


Such a waste to include the digital copy. First off, the whole idea of digital copy is to have something that is not physical media. And what do they do? Put it on a friggin disc in the package. Then, when it quickly becomes obsolete (due to expiration) it becomes landfill waste. If they think it's so great, they need a library online to download it from. I have a lot of three disc cases, with an empty slot now. Great movie, of course.