dealscolor me drunk: a drinking and drawing activity…


I love this from the quick preview!
If the fact that I'm only 30 minutes away from Friday being the last work day of the week didn’t make me want to drink a few beers, this most certainly did!


This is pretty cool, but it's not really a deal, is it?


@tehbronson: it's on sale for less than the standard price, which is a sale to some. For those with Prime or those about to make a $25 purchase on Amazon, the free shipping is a nice perk. plus it's fun and I totally want one :)


No college freshman should be without this!


"For those who...have already drunk-dialed all of their exes"

I delete the numbers, texts and emails from my exes just so this never happens. Can't drunk-dial someone if you don't have a way to contact them.

And trust me, they ALWAYS contact you at some point down the road so there's no need to worry that you'll never talk to them again. Always.


Best drinking game ever:
Watch Total Recall, the original with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Every time he asks a question or grunts, take a drink.