dealsassassin's creed, assassin's creed ii or assassin…


Thanks I've been wanting these games for a long time but wasn't will to pay $20 a piece for them!


@sylvesterchester: I love it when they're download! No disc to get scratched or lost. And I never have to worry about changing it when I want to change games.


@paradigmshyft: My feelings are mixed. I like the convenience, but the use of hard drive space and the fact that you can never sell, loan, or trade the game are definite drawbacks. Usually once a game gets below $10 I don't mind digital since there is not as much incentive for resale or trade in value.


@wnyx585am: I hear you. I have one of the older 20GB 360s and I keep having to delete games or buy more flash drives. Having the game disc actually is more convenient, in a way.