dealsfree 6 months of amazon prime for students for $0…


Any tips on renewing after the 6 months? I only have one .edu email...


I'm not sure, maybe just keep an eye in your emails for special promotions. I'm sure the woot community will have another deal by then


Streaming video is only included with a paid Prime subscription. The free Prime subscriptions just get the shipping benefits.


I signed up for this last year and got a whole years of prime. It expired a few weeks ago so for me the above deal shows up as 50% off a year, not 6 free months.
Just a FYI for those who have already had amazon prime before.


@travelchic75: Ohhh fudge... I didn't see that but if that's the case, I apologize.

Edit: From

[quote] Free Trial Benefits

Free-trial members enjoy all the same benefits as paid members. Visit the Manage Your Prime Membership page to invite family members in your household to share your membership, change your automatic upgrade setting, and change 1-Click ordering settings. [/quote]

All sounds like everything in my book. I'll try it out later and confirm.


I've confirmed the streaming isn't valid on trials. Sorry


I know after I got the free year from a previous similar deal they offered me a chance to renew at a much lower cost $39 instead of the $79 soooo yeah just go for it for the 6 months and see what they offer.


The deal I received after the year free was I only had to pay $39 per year, for 4 years for a student account.

Considering it includes free two day shipping (which is beyond awesome when unexpected books and/or supplies are needed for the semester) and streaming TV shows and movies, it is a pretty good deal.


It's a real bummer this is only for 6 months. Glad I got in on it earlier this summer.