dealsselected fleece 2 for $50 + $15 off $75 sitewide


If you opt to get 4 items (2x$50) for $100, there is a $20 off $100 coupon available: 20RTMN100


FYI I bought this the last time the deal appeared. The hoodies are of solid make and quality (I would say the hoodies are worth closer to $40 a piece, at least), but I will say they run quite small. I can fit snugly into most Mediums, and this Large fits a little more snug than I would prefer.

TL;DR: Buy a size up and it's worth more than the discounted price.


As Snowire said, they are decent quality, but they do run a size small. I would highly suggest ordering 1 size I would also wait a month or so and you will get them 2 for $40 around thanksgiving time.


I bought 2 of these over a month ago. It took several days to get them. The zipper on one would not work, so I called for a return authorization. It took about 1 week for them to even email me the auth number and shipping label. I was told it would take several days to do that, so it wasn't a surprise.

But why would it take so long? They're sending me an electronic return auth. I ordered them in mid-August and by the time I get the replacement, the game I got it to wear to will have passed.

The quality seemed good, and I liked the design. But don't order thinking you're going to wear it too soon. The fleece seems to be shipped from individual stores, not from a central warehouse. I say this based on the receipt that was in the package.


Got 2 a few months ago, real nice and comfy. But I also agree that they run alittle small. Got an XL and it fits as a L


Like everyone else said, they do run small. They were much higher quality than I expected when I ordered 2 a couple of months ago.

Unlike @jrhusc, I received mine the next day (yes, from a retail store).


Last time this deal was up I got a pair. The quality wasn't that great, but I might end up buying another pair because it was worth it.


Why am I not getting free shipping with both items in my cart?


I would order 2 sizes up - I have 2 XLs that fit like mediums. Also, the brands are no-name, although good quality.


Does anyone know how long these promo codes are good for?

$15 or $75 - Code# 1116YTGYN3Y

$20 or $100 - Code# 20RTMN100


I just placed an order for two sweatshirts and it seemed to go really smooth. I went up a size (thanks for the tip) and got free economy shipping.


@edwinre: Try changing it to "economy" shipping.