dealsbahamas vacation: flight + 3 nights in oceanview…


Anyone care to explain their downvote? Bad deal? Bad company? Don't want to see vacation deals on woot? What?

I'm not on the fence here, just a curious wooter.


From another down voted deal by the same company (Not my comment, just reposting):

Travelzoo tends to be an ad-plagued dungeon of forcing-you-to-search-on-other-sites-through-them-so-they-get-commissions... uhhhh... -itude.
Nine times out of ten, the travel deals posted here have been thinly veiled timeshare scams, very restrictive on location (Fly to Honolulu for $49!* *Only if departing from Oahu. From LA, $1,099. DC, $35,983), or ad-plagued dungeons of see-above.

This one seems to be another of the third category with some of the first mixed in. The price listed is if leaving from Ft Lauderdale. For me in DC, it was about double the listed... if I even had the right package, it was hard to be sure.


If you're going to go for this deal, then just go to because that's where you'll be sent. But, that's why this is a sponsored deal: so the travel-ticker site can win referral dollars.

For me, the $299 (air from Fort Lauderdale) jumps to over $700 per person for flights from Washington. Not much of a deal.

Also, most of these sites are timeshares. I hate timeshare companies. However, I'm not sure that this is one of those 'get you there to high-pressure sell you' locations or not, so I won't downvote.


@dreaodare: Travel-Ticker is a Hotwire company, and is not affiliated with TravelZoo.


From the Travel Ticker fine print:

Travel Ticker® is not responsible for the content, accuracy or completeness of this travel offer or the reliability of the linked site. By clicking "Get this deal", you will leave the Travel Ticker® site and enter a separately owned site created, operated and maintained by the Sponsor. The terms and privacy policy of the Sponsor's linked site may differ from those of Travel Ticker®. We recommend you review the Sponsor's terms of service and privacy policy.


What's up woot why are we seeing the same downvoted crap sites. This is a terrible site and no offer there is worthy of a wooters time


@thefenst: Like I said - not my comment, just reposted it. It's from here:

I thought it best not to edit someone else's words. :) They mentioned travelzoo, but the rest of the information is applicable to what the first guy was asking.


@rhmurphy: Not a good deal? I just looked and, just a flight from buffalo to Bahamas is $425 on AA. The cost they are charging me for 4 days 3 nights is only $650 (including flight and hotel) There is an additional $50 for airport pickup so $700. Sounds good to me!


Thanks all for the responses! I'm always curious when I see lots of downvotes.


being close to Ft Lauderdale this seems like it'd be a good deal!