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So the wired ports go up to 100Mbps while the wireless goes to 300Mbps???


@ttkk: yes, but wired is full-duplex and switched, so it's not quite as bad as it sounds.

Decent deal, but this is not DD-WRT compatible... unfortunately. :(
(it's near the end of the list)


@ttkk: Yes, this is important because, for each wireless device that's connected and transmitting data, your bandwidth drops. In other words, if you have 4 devices all transmitting at the same time in a wifi network capable of 300 Mbs, then they are at best getting 75 Mbs each. The more devices that are connected and transmitting, the more your bandwidth drops. This is different from a 100 Mbs switch where each wired device always has it's full bandwidth available and the switch backbone is (usually) able to handle the bandwidth of all available ports.

So yeah, it does help and make sense to have a 300 Mbs wireless connection with a 100 Mbs switch connected to it. :)