dealslittle black dress with criss cross opening for…


Oh Cheri! Where have you been??? What the heck is Woot doing?


@dnlkolender: I'm here every day but you have to search for me because they won't let me be popular :-(


@hottubrf: You know I wasn't the one who added that tag, it knocks me off the Top tab.


A dress is clothing. Nice.


@hottubrf: My sarcasm meter must be out of whack...sorry!


It is "She who must not be Named!!!"
That is why the dreaded tag of Sexy has been added.. Her presence angers a minor deity who patrols the deals.woot universe.....



@ohcheri: Yes, Ma'am. There was so much sarcasm dripping from my previous post my keyboard got wet.


@maddogofgilead: We had to remove the piece of software called BXGallery which handled the images better but prevented the use of the ALT image attribute. It's a fine line, keeping customers happy and also the search engines.


@ ohcheri:
Comment on the redesign of your image viewing on your site-It looks nice how it enlarges the image, but the ability to click off of the image to automatically close it(clicking on the background webpage) instead of being forced to click the X in the corner was nice. Hopefully you understand what I'm saying, it's basically harder to close the enlarged image than it used to be, I always did so the other way.


@ohcheri: You added another tag? :facepalm: