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Ah. 72 square inches. When I saw the post, I was expecting a monster 6 foot grill!


I laughed at these grills for years, then finally broke down and got one. I don't use it every day, but I've discovered so many things that I can make with it quickly and easily. Just last week I pulled frozen tilapia fillets out and cooked them in my grill in minutes with no thawing time. Amazing! Mine is basic with no temperature control, and much smaller than this one, so I might have to splurge for the 72 sq." model. Thanks!


I have this one with the temperature knob instead of the digital temperature control, and I highly recommend it. The removeable plates make it worth replacing an older George Foreman. I think I paid $60 for mine, so this is a good deal.


Wow for $40 why not.. thanks for the link.


This is a good deal on an excellent grill. I got mine from Amazon for $38, and I absolutely love it. Having removable plates is a must and it heats up fairly quickly (to 350 degree in ~ 2-3 minutes). Being able to control the temp has made a huge difference, coming from one of the more basic units.


I'm personally not sure that George Foreman's company made the right move by making so many different models (look at their website to see what I mean). Some models are really pretty nice, some are junk, and some are even made exclusively for only certain retailers (walmart in particular). We had a mid-sized Foreman that had no heat control and started turning our burgers into hockey pucks. We replaced it with a Cuisinart Griddler which we love. To each their own.


Too small (only fits 2-3 burgers), and the Newegg reviews aren't very encouraging, regarding either the product or the shipping.
At least it has removable plates though. The ones without those are absolute garbage. Maybe for a family of two it would be sufficient.


This model is perfect for two people or piece of fish, etc. It has many enhancements over the original design, particularly the temperature control and removable plates. The latter make cleaning a snap. It is definitely worth the upgrade.