dealssandisk sansa clip zip 4 gb mp3 player (black…


When link is clicked I go to "Dog Breed Pillows" :O

Click on the Deal 5 tab for the correct deal :)

I realize it's in the original post but people usually just click and then read comments it seems.

P.S. I LOVE this mp3 player :)


I have three of the Clip + in various sizes (2 GB, 4GB, 8GB), which are great. Heard mixed reviews of the Clip Zip, but at this price I'll give it a shot.


Just what I needed. I have been looking for a week or so and this is a great price. I'm upgrading from a 2G Sansa.

Thanks for posting this deal.


29.99 at Amazon with FSSS. get $2 in Amazon Mp3 credit.

Also, get free one-day shipping if you buy with your Discover Card!

Price is ONLY applicable for the black color option.

Also, Amazon is retail packaging, the other site is "bulk" packaging, and comes with 30-day mindight box warranty.

For those in the market, consider all the above before giving your 26 bucks to a site without Amazon's reputation behind it.


I have the Clip Zip. It's a great little MP3 player. I popped a 16GB micro SD card in it and made it a 20GB mp3 player. Transfer files through drag and drop. It's super light weight. The clip is sturdy and wide so you can clip it to your pants when running. I've had it for about a year now. Sansa forums are a great resource, too. Also plays m4a files. Oh, and you can record FM radio, which is very cool.


Can I take my iTunes music files and dump them on this? I am not tech savvy at all so just wondering...


It's a great MP3 player, made even better with rockbox firmware ( ). It's sitting on my desk right now. If you know of any MP3 player that's better, at any price, let me know.

Many bad reviews are because some of these originally shipped with the wrong cable. A huge problem if you have no other micro-USB devices, not even an issue for most of us, and I think it was only one or two colors.

The trouble with Apple's MP3 players, other than the price, is that they lock you into their ecosystem, and the devices are fine for playing music but not for storing/retrieving it, never mind other filetypes.


I have one and used the built in mike yesterday to secretly record the kids singing xmas songs. Works surprisingly well for this. For music I bought a couple pairs of good ear phones, ($12 off deal extrema for some Senheisers is expensive for me). Sound is amazing for such a small device. If you use cheapie ear-buds the sound is horrible. I've never used the Sansa ear-buds, but I've heard that they are not that good.
I don't think you can take music off your itunes for mp3/windows based players. I always buy my music from Amazon "unlocked". Then I can add it to itunes for the kids ipods.


A head's up. I just received my order and they did NOT send a Zip Clip, but a Clip+. We'll see if they straighten it out or this Midnight Box company is another bait and switch outfit.


@amitkc: You were right. Didn't even receive a Zip Clip, they sent a Clip PLus.....


Yeah, I got a Clip Plus too, but I figure from the reviews I'm better off.