dealssamsung 55” class (54.6” diag.) 1080p 120hz led…


B-b-but you're not supposed to see the price until you check out! Oh no! Samsung sure is gonna be pissed guys.


I was given one of these to evaluate from Samsung when they came out, we purchase a lot of flat screens for one of the interests I own, a medical imaging concern (2k + screens a year). I stay out of the way over there but I do enjoy vetting the different screens that come in from various vendors. This unit is by far as average as it gets. I am not talking about bells and whistles, I don't care that it is not a "smart" TV, or that it is not 3D . . . the image is just average, even with massive tweaking. The blacks are not right and you can't dial them in well - they are actually worse than LAST YEAR'S LCD model (this is a true back-lit LED so it is THICK). The off angle SUCKS, if you're not dead on, the matte finish on this screen will distort even at a slight angle . . . It is NOT a great home theater choice . . . I'd consider using this for a second TV (maybe), but the picture quality isn't up to par with other brands in the marketplace for the same or less money.


@gregbowman: Thank you for your well written honest review. I was looking at these a few months ago but after reading similar reviews to yours, I decided to wait another year before retiring my Samsung 650 series TV.

Honestly, I just wanted a larger screen -- but the LCD in mine is still just as good as (if not better than) any of them out there (for under $1200 anyway).


Hee. My company bought the same stock photo when we didn't know any better. Wooooot, I thought you guys used creative commons images.


I have this TV and I love it