dealsair performance heating fan for $0.00


Just to point out - Air Performance Heating is the company, the fan won't do any heating...


I have two different versions of these fans and both are wonderful on those hot days if you have the fan blowing directly at your face. Although small, it definitely cools me down. One of my fans doesn't bend as easily but this one appears to do so well. Definitely a good deal. :)


Popup after submitting info, that usually isn't very good


That was painless enough, just had to fill in my info.

@clumpymold: "Definitely a good deal." haha! made me chuckle.


I bought ten usb flexy-stem fans from Office Despot when they were (might still be) carrying them for $3.00 and plugged them into a single 10-port cheap ebay hub. My cubicle at work sounded, and felt!, like a miniature hurricane. My coworkers were amused for precisely ten seconds before either asking to "borrow" one of the fans or demanding I survive with an order of magnitude less active atmosphere.

This has zero bearing on this product itself, but I like to read myself type.


This is spam, they had a 'freebie' for a cooler and afaik no one has received them...

I'd suggest staying away.


I think it's spam I followed the links. asked my gender I answered male then asked if I had a heavy period or if I needed coupons. man coupons are great but give me one for beer or the gym not tampons, scan your customers.


YES IT IS A SCAM I was just on it all the links lead to other sites that have nothing to do with the site and it does not have a privacy link on the bottom of the page. SO whatever info you give will probably be given to other places.


Free is good. Paranoid is bad.


@vistaseas: Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you.


humm... well then... its too late now, guess we'll just see what happens


99% this a scam. That didn't stop me from signing up though

[with fake e-mail of course. They can cut down all the trees they want to fill my real mail box, just don't eff with my e-mail.]

The only working link is the USB fan lol..


As noted by several others, this IS A SCAM.
The simple way to tell if this is the common redirect scam is to just click the SUBMIT button before you enter any data.

If it immediately redirects you to an advertising site, it's a scam. The scammer hacks a site and puts up a page that may collect your information for sale to a spammer, but the real money comes by redirecting you to a paid advertising site.

Every click-through generates a money, and if you actually order something from the site, they get a handsome commission. Enough that it pays to hack sites and put up redirect pages like this.

Be wise, and check first!


What a scam! All the links send you someplace else as others have noted, and now they have mailing info from Woot members.


@tpscan: I'm bitter that your "It's a trap!" comment got voted up more than mine.


Just a general tip for checking the validity of freebies: if you go ahead and click the submit button without filling out any of the information, false freebies will either send you to the "Thank You!" screen without the necessary info or bring up pop ups. This offer does both, so probably a scam.


@drchops: Hot Dang, I'd be bitter too. I'm really sad for you. Maybe we can appeal to the Woot gods and ask they split the votes? Or better yet, if I reply to you and you to me, maybe we can generate some sympathy uptick votes for you. The least I can do to help a bitter, old Wooter ;-)

If it helps, I did vote you up. I just added more detail about how the scam works and how to check for it. Next time add a bit more detail to help folks out and you'll get more votes.

You said, " I'm bitter that your "It's a trap!" comment got voted up more than mine."


@tpscan: lol...good lookin' out :D

I just looked at the stats on that comment itself and it actually got -1, which means that at least one person probably took it seriously heh

Gotta love the internet.