dealsboyfriend pillow/husband pillow – don’t leave her…


Just thinking of all the possibilities (I love pranks).


Creepy.....I'm in for a dozen.


That just might be the scariest (or is it most pathetic?) thing I've ever seen on Woot.

Party on!


Works great if you like a pillow between your legs!


ah, come on. I can see this as being great for my sis-in-law while my brother is deployed in Afghanistan for the next 7 months. And actually, it's probably more comfortable than my husband's arm, plus, it won't fall asleep when someone lays on it for too long. I might get one for my kids to snuggle with so I don't have to!


@headrow: HAHA, I hadn't thought of it as a daddy substitution pillow. That would work awesome!


@spikepig: Daddy substitute pillow? Isn't that like guaranteed therapy years from now?


Look at the picture! It goes straight for the breast...


soooo very creepy... I wonder if I should buy one and set it aside for a gift for someone.


Taking 'forever alone' to a whole new level.


where can i get half-shirts to change up the outfits?


If they want this thing to sell they should include all the other parts and make them vibrate. Sell it as permanent substitution pillow for women who are busy and between boyfriends.

I know for a fact they sell the above pillows with George Clooney's head on them in Japan!


I guess it's better than waking up with a horse's head in your bed.


Could we add bacon salt or at least onion powder to make it at least smell authentic?


WTF Pillow, there's lipstick on your collar, who else have you been sleeping with?!?!?!


@livarchuksimon: Sure will! Just wrap it around so all the vents are covered to make sure it gets all HOT!


If that shirt it's wearing doesn't have turtles, bunnies, zombies, or a Dr Who reference on it - nobody on any Woot website is buying it!


@dfunk29: I have a brother who is a doctor in Tokyo. They don't have our sex hangups in Japan.

Another thing if you wear underwear that is too tight you DIE. Its a FACT.

Doubt me! Why I ought kiss you softly on the mouth with my tongue. NO wait I mean punch you in the mouth, because your a guy. I am not gay. "Not that there is anything wrong with it."

Woot on my friends


ohhh wow

better not mess up the cover

this thing deserves more thumbs up


This would be a great addition to my Halloween decorations.


@markmc27: Yeah, they don't have our "hangups". They just are really into Hentai, tentacle-porn, dirty underwear vending machines (from little girls), fecal-porn, the list goes on and on of their healthy attitudes.


First thought that comes to mind is "this is so creepy and weird"


@pserpas: Zackly! Our European ancestors were thrown out of every decent place to live in the world because they (our ancestors) had too many religion-fueled sexual hang-ups. The whole world outside the US enjoys a wide variety of sexual pleasures never dreamed of in your wildest protestant fantasies.


Three frightening scenarios:
1. CSI asking, "Ma'am, what did you do with the rest of your husband?
2. Kids crying saying, "You broke Daddy!"
3. Trying to revive the unconscious cleaning lady.

That is if it were more life like.


My wife saw this and asked, "what other attachments does it come with?" HAHAHAHA!!! Um... Wait.....


That is the most depressing thing i have ever seen.


For the single ladies who that want all of the cuddle but none of the drama of a real man.


I can't believe this is a thing that exists.


I have to get my wife one of these!


In for one = Gift for lonely friend
In for two = ménage à trois kit
In for three = small orgy kit


I think this creates too high of expectations for sleeping with your woman... if I slept like that, I'd wake up with a purple/blue arm from a lack of circulation! I don't want my wife getting used to that!


why does it only come in white?


Wow, what a mess...that site looks like Richard Simmons exploded.


Horrible deal from a horrible site. GearXS is shady.


I have this. It's hysterical.


@markmc27: Not just with other parts - as add-ons.

Store them together in big trunk and make visitors think you're an axe murderer!


This is just sick and pathetic. Worst of all it's sad.