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I like Cuinart, I have a lot of their products. That's the last nice thing I'll say about them. Last time there was a nice ($120 retail) thermal carafe coffee pot on woot, I bought it. Worst coffee maker ever. Constantly overflowed, spewing coffee grounds and hot water all over my counter at least twice a week. Then the control panel went out. In order to get warranty service, I was required to pack it up and ship it at my own expense back to the manufacturer. Customer service was atrocious - I was told to unplug the coffee maker, etc, for the overflowing problem (really? c'mon people.) Total garbage, will never buy another Cuisnart coffee maker, and probably not any more of there other small appliances. My $20 Mr. Coffee was always better.


I wanted to mention a few more things:

Per Amazon, $69.98 (still the price at this time) is a 62% DISCOUNT off the retail price of $185.00. This is a GREAT price for this machine!

Also, it's not JUST a coffeemaker.

Here are just SOME of the 
 -  Separate Hot Water System has its own power button and 54-ounce water reservoir; operates independently or at the same time as the coffeemaker 
- Hot Water on Demand lets you enjoy instant soups, teas, cocoas and more
 - Fully automatic with 24 hour programmability 
 - Blue backlit LCD digital clock
 - 12-Cup glass carafe with drip-free pour spout 
 - Carafe temperature control (low, medium,high)
 - Optional 1-4 cup setting
 - Brew Pause Feature
 - Self cleaning function
 - Includes: 2 charcoal water filters and a permanent gold tone filter that ensures only the freshest coffee flavor flows through.
 - BPA Free - all materials that come in contact with water or coffee are BPA free.
 - 3-Year limited warranty


@gabesmalley: I can certainly understand how you feel - I feel the same way about Mr. Coffee - my coffeemaker is a complete piece of junk! 

I don't know if it was the same Cuisinart that you bought or not, but I did research one that was offered on Woot, and did NOT buy it because of the numerous bad reviews about the spillage & leaking. 

This model, however, does not seem to have that problem, at least not in the reviews that I read. It has a rating of 4 1/3 stars on Amazon from 162 reviews (107 5-star to 10 1-star). Most of the negative comments that I saw had to do with the hot water feature - anywhere from the machine not recognizing when water was added to the lack of temperature control. 

I'm curious if you bought your coffeemaker through SelloutWoot and/or was it a refurbished model? I think the Cuisinart I saw on Woot was refurbished,, although I don't remember if it was on SelloutWoot or just Woot.


From my experience with their coffee maker. The one that grinds it too is complete garbage. What a complete nightmare. The grinding apparatus filled with steam during brewing which of course moistened all the residual grounds. This meant it needed to be completely washed and dried DAILY. Boo. I couldn't return that $200 POS fast enough. We then found the 14 cup model that is JUST a programmable coffee maker and we love it. I think we have be using it daily for 5 years now. It still works perfectly after ~ 1800+ pots. I wouldn't hesitate to buy this one if I needed one. Although, I wonder about the energy consumption of keeping water hot all the time...?


@goaticus: Thanks for sharing that.
I am trying to build my reputation here on Woot, and I'm sure that having only outside comment being a negative one doesn't help - so thanks for the positive comment :)

Yes, I have done quite a bit of research recently , especially on Cuisinart, and I did see some models with pretty unfavorable reviews. That is especially why I am so interested in this one - the lack of those repetitive unfavorable reviews. 

The hot water feature has an on/off switch. That was actually one of the "bad" reviews - that the person had to wait for the hot water to heat up.


This went back up to $99.99 today. I hope at least a few of you got it at the awesome $69.98 price!