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Price/rebate good for XBox 360 version also.


For me, with tax and shipping it came to $36.00 even so it ended up being exactly $1 out of pocket, which is still a heck of a deal. Thanks, OP!


$1.06 for me. Stupid tax.


Thanks, it looks like it worked, but I won't know for 8-10 weeks. Since I already played the game, I'm going to trade it in for 6 bucks or so, so I will have essentially profited by around 8 bucks.


I opted to give the rebate company an extra $3 (deducted from my $35 rebate) to get my check in 5-7 business days instead of 8-10 weeks.

Total order from tiger: -$33.79
Charges for quick rebate: -$3
Total owed from me: -$36.79

Return from rebate: +$32

Total out of pocket charge: $4.79


"This rebate is in USD currency and may be paid with a prepaid reward card."

"Rebate Amount: UP TO $35.00"


If you want a game with 15 minute cutscenes that you can't skip, this if the game for you. Horrible.


Might be too late for PS3 version: just sold out online.


@bongrip: I would argue the story and its presentation style is the primary selling point of this game. If you want fast action without any story, go for BLOPS II or Medal of Honor:WF. Max Payne isn't a "horrible" game just because your attention span sucks.


@bigz7337: So, you took a copy from the site that someone that hasn't played it could have enjoyed? I mean, if you're gonna be greedy for your own gain, why trade it after all that work and waiting, when you could just sell it on eBay for a lot more? Greedy and lazy. Great combo.


@galapogos: I would also argue that I bought a video GAME, not a movie.


My order was canceled. If anyone gets the game shipped and needs the rebate, here you go. removed the link to the rebate.


I also had my order cancelled. Here was the email:

Dear Kevin,
We would like to thank you for your recent purchase for the Max Payne 3 video game, on order number J3240---. Unfortunately due to the overwhelming demand on this great deal, the video game sold faster than we anticipated and therefore we are unable to fill your order.

We never charge a credit card or account until after we ship, so no charges have nor will be placed on your credit card or account for the video game. If you used a prepaid payment method such as PayPal or Google, the payment processors will be automatically notified of the order cancellation and they will refund your payment based on their terms and conditions.

If you ordered any additional items with the video game you will only be charged for those additional items when they ship and they will ship as usual.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your business.

Regards, Customer Care