dealsbogo 50% off all ds, 3ds and psvita games!! at…


I almost went for it, but comparing to Amazon...

1) While I have both Shoprunner and Amazon Prime, for some reason none of the games are eligible for free Shoprunner 2-day shipping. On Amazon I'd have the option of free prime 2-day shipping.
2) On the Toys R Us site, I've have to pay sales tax that Amazon doesn't have to collect.
3) The games I'm interested in are slightly more money on Toys R Us.

By the time it's all added up, I'm seeing that there's barely a discount anymore. Too bad. It'll still be a good deal for many, but for me, I'd rather continue waiting for the games to drop in price.

Edit: Ah, nice...and I just had to unsubscribe from the Toys R Us spam list. I'm 90% certain I unchecked the "send me spam" box.


Good luck with that. They never have more than one game on my "want to buy" list whenever they run this sale.



I think this is in store as well. I just got a PSVita a couple weeks ago and only have Hot Shots and Katamari Damacy. I think I will go to a Toys R Us this week and try to get Rayman and Unit 13. Hopefully I can get a deal.


@jackofallgames42: Same here, I find amazon to be a better source than these BOGO offers. Usually, amazon runs the same sales and promo's as big B&M stores at the same time.


Lol is down. I had almost completed an order for two games when the site decided to take a crap. Classic.