deals7 serving removable plate grill for $49.94…


Pretty poorly rated on Amazon, even at this lower price.

Also, standard shipping is $11.95. Should be listed in the price.


7-serving seems to be quite a bit of an embellishment.


I have a smaller version of these grills and I love it. Don't know if these larger ones are as good, but I use my smaller / older one 3 or more times a week and have been doing so for almost a year. Food cooks quick, fat drips off, so it's a real help to keep me on the diet.


FYI, it's 61.89 or 65.89 after shipping.

I've had 3 electric grills over the years. The first grill was NOT a Foreman, it did not have removable plates, it had hot spots, and was a PITA to clean. So I tossed it. I then picked up a small Foreman with removable plates. It was fantastic but barely had enough space to fit 2-3 burgers. I now have this exact model, and I LOVE IT.

The plates are large enough to easily fit 4-6 burgers. It cooks fast and evenly, and the plates fit in my dishwasher. My only gripe is that the drip-trays are cumbersome and NOT attachable. This may not sound like a big deal, but after that ONE time that you forget to put it under the grill, it will create such a HUGE greasy mess that... well, lets just say you won't forget it again.

If you get an electric grill, get a Foreman. And if you're going with a Foreman, get one with removable plates. This is one of the largest (practical) sized models with removable plates and it works perfectly. I HIGHLY recommend it!


@lintile: There's only 2 ratings there on Amazon. One 4 star, and one 2 star from someone that appears to have a defective unit. Does that really make it poorly rated?

@realgeorgew: 7-serving all depends on the size of the serving. IMO, the real embellishment is what is considered a "serving." A single can of soup is 2 servings, and the U.S.D.A. says that a person should eat an average of about 2oz of red meat per day. 2oz!? Seeing figures like that I'm surprised that Foreman doesn't call this a 20-serving grill. No one is going to make a 2oz burger every day, but this grill could easily fit 6-6oz chunks of meat at the same time every few days.


This may help those with weird BBQ laws, also.
Some ahole lit a hot oil turkey burner, and torched an apartment balcony.
For reasons like this, many HOAs have prohibited anything with a flame from being used.
You'd have to ask, some propane units seem OK, but charcoal will be a nono.
Los Angeles has a 10 foot rule. No fire nor flame within 10 feet of structure, building or flammable item. That means up, also. (They like getting you on that one!)
So, some folk have been using units like this to cook outside and be within the rules.