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This game is terrible in all the right ways.


I tried to buy these from Amazon just last week. I had to purchase them through another site. Got the expansion packs from Amazon, though.

Not for fundies, or anybody who has a stick strategically located in their orifice.


Love this game, the expansion packs make it that much worse, in such an amazing way too!


@legitim8: played this with my ultra-conservative uncle who's also an M.D. I've never gotten to know him much because our differences of philosophy. I've never seen him laugh before, and he won the 2nd game against a bunch of guys at a my bachelor party who were 30 years younger than him. Also he asked me what a "queef" was. I couldn't hold it together trying to explain that to a doctor.


It's like "Apples to Apples", for misanthropes.


I particularly like how "0%" of the proceeds goes to charity


Hilarious game.
You can also download it in .pdf form for free from their website if you want to print it out yourself.


So glad it finally came back in stock!


You can also print out a travel version that makes teeny little cards, 1"x1" I believe.


Love this game! The "Pac-Man guzzling cum" card had to be taken out of the deck as it was always an instant winner. Not fair. Haha.


Damn you for posting this... I was $45 richer a minute ago...