dealsamazon kindle fire (refurbished) for $107.95


Read up on the refurbished kindle warranty stuff here: Basically, it's the same deal as buying one new but you don't get the quick start guide (still get a 1 year warranty though). With the coupon it brings it down to around the same price as the Kindle Paperwhite.

/edit - just noticed it says there is NO wi-fi.....I didn't even realize they made Kindle Fires without wifi? Given this, definitely not a deal I'm interested in.


That was a tech spec glitch on our site - sorry! It most certainly does have Wi-Fi, as you said - they don't sell them without! I've had that fixed now - thanks for pointing it out :)


@muffinboots: Where do you see no Wifi? I agree that would be a deal breaker, but the description mentions streaming.


@all4cellular: I should have figured it was a typo :) Thanks for the follow-up, Mark. I'm in for one! Cheers


Can you confirm that this is 'Amazon Certified Refurbished' and hence will come with the 1 year warranty?