dealsgoogle chromecast hdmi streaming media player…


"Plug Chromecast into any HDTV, connect it to WiFi, then send videos and more from your smartphone, tablet or laptop to your TV."

That doesn't seem to work. Oh wait...

"Power cord required (not shown)"

One thing they never seem to show is that there is a microUSB plug on the back end of the chromecast that needs to be plugged in to supply power to the chromecast.


@bowlingb: Why is that problematic? I love my Chromecast....


Plug usb from your tv to chromecast.


I have 1 Chromecast now and love it. For what it is the potential is fantastic. I have streamed video directly from casting Google Chrome on my PC, my Chromebook, Netflix via those plus, my iPhone, and Nexus 7. Great little device! Also note I also have Rokus in my house and like those as well. Chromecast has tremendous potential as anything streaming to any device could eventually make its way to a this little device once they open it up to developers. I picked up this deal for a gift exchange, great gift!


@bowlingb: You are correct the device is not directly powered by HDMI. The unit does come with all that is needed to make it work, including the a/c wall plug and cord. Some TV's can support powering the device from the USB port on the TV. Would suggest consulting the TV Manufacturer prior to this to confirm the USB port on the TV can support that method.


What does this product do that's unique? Newer HDTV's usually have built in WIFI, and it seems a great majority of people have either an Xbox or PS3 that also connect to the internet and play Netflix, HULU, etc... I understand if you have an older TV and don't have a gaming system, but that's got to be a pretty small market.

Not bashing the deal or product, just trying to understand why you'd want one.


@strider300: The majority of people don't have a smart tv (many of which have slow, horrible interfaces and all of which are a horrible deal for your money compared to this) or a gaming system - and even if you have a 360 you have to have a gold account.

I went with a $60 Roku 2 for my parents instead of this since Chromecast doesn't have a remote.


Days ago Google post this:
"Black Friday is on the horizon, and you don’t need to brave the crowds or wintry weather for this deal.

For a limited time, get a $6 credit redeemable for a Google Play movie rental with every purchase of a Chromecast from +Google Play,, and +Best Buy. Once your new #Chromecast is set up, share what movie is #NowCasting on your TV. "


@strider300: Honestly, I've found myself using my Chromecast more than my Roku in our living room and more than my 360 in the bedroom. It's easier and much more reliable than my Roku for Netflix. Pull up what you want on your smart phone/tablet and switch to view on Chromecast.

Also, we cut cable so we stream a lot from cable station websites that don't use Hulu+ or Roku (AMC, CBS, USA). I can do it straight from my desktop (remote log in from my tablet) and then the tab to the TV. Full screen video and boom, HD TV streaming.


@strider300: It's a reasonable question. Basically this turns your tv into a smart tv for a mere 30 dollars. Only it fully integrates with your android devices and chrome and is much sleeker than most "smart" tvs I've seen. I love mine and absolutely recommend it.


Does anyone know if this would work if you plugged this into the usb port of a blu-ray player (running to a non-HD TV)?


The USB port if providing power only then yes, if the port supports that power req. I know most can power portable hard drives so that could be enough, never tried though to confirm.


Nice! We've been waiting to get one of these bad boys, thanks for posting!


I almost bought one the other day and decided to hold out, "just in case." Well, "in case" occurred!


@originalslugboy: check to see if it will charge a device you have - and check if it works when the blueray player is off. Otherwise, you could get a usb port charger for a buck on ebay.


Let me make sure I understand exactly what the Chromecast does. With it I can send any video coming into my PC to my TV via this device. Essentially, then, the combination of the device and my (hybrid wired/wireless) LAN work like a long HDMI cable from my PC to my TV. Is that correct? The software to connect to the Chromecast resides on my PC/Laptop/tablet/phone and the device merely reconstructs the video stream and passes it on to the TV. Correct?

Been considering getting one of these devices for a while since I first heard of it. If all I have to do is load the software onto my PC (etc.), plug the dongle into an HDMI port on the TV and (after a tad bit of configuring) find a video stream and send it to the Chromecast via my LAN, then I'll be getting one shortly.


@cyborgbill: I think this may help.... The device is basically a dumb device only listening for a "video stream" when said smart device tells it to load...
Real world use: I am on my desktop pc, find a website via Google Chrome, I want to share to a TV I have my Chromecast is attached to... I have a button to click on in Chrome to make this happen.

Load Netflix up on PC or iPhone or android device I can use the cast button to send my video to the chromecast independent of each other.

One fantastic use I have had... Could not get a football game in my market. Used Justin.TV via Chrome on my PC then "casted" the stream over to the Chromecast getting a game in close to HD I would not have been able to watch easily on the living room TV. The apps are limited at the moment but expect that to open up in the near future. Hulu is on board once Google releases the full release .apk I expect to see many apps adding the cast button on them.