dealsmr clean 4-count magic eraser for $2.50


These are great for Watercolor.
Unlike Oil Painting, you cant just add white.
So, if you cover the white of the paper, THIS little sponge is the best thing for lifting the paint off the paper. Cut into dice-like cubes


Wife swears by these things.. Great for rental property.


this is a really good price plus these things work on all sorts of things! thanks for posting will definitely get some! :)


@hoon84lee: I see $3.47 unless my math is off thats not cheaper


@eeekdageek: hoon84lee was saying that Lowe's is cheaper than WalMart, which it is.


I bought 8 of these at Lowe's today. Best price I've ever seen them at. I was skeptical at first, but they really do work well, on anything I've ever tried them on.


Great for cleaning microfiber furniture.

Is this the regular price at Lowes? By the time I pay for gas to make a special trip, may not be worth it.


These things are awesome. I used them to clean every surface of my last apartment when I moved out. Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, walls, and floorboards anything I rubbed it on got cleaner.
I got my full security deposit back with a note that my apt was the cleanest one they'd seen in years.


My local dollar store sells a generic brand of these. 2-pack for $1. They work just as great!


@rprebel: it maybe cheaper than Walmart, but it's nowhere near $2.50. DOWN!

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