dealspre-black friday weekend event


We do not sow. We take what is ours.

Like this big screen TV doorbuster deal, for instance . . .


Don't forget to bring in cans of food to donate to the poor employees who can't feed themselves because we don't pay a living wage. Buy Wal-Mart!


@starblind: don't like Walmart? don't shop there.

They pay a wage worthy of the skill set required for the job which is unskilled.

If an employee doesn't like the wage paid? Don't work there or do something to better your skill set so you can command more in wages. Making more money is entirely in the employee's hands. No one is holding a gun to their head making them work there and no one is keeping them from learning new skills or getting an education.

So then then you'll whine:
But what if that's the only job they can get? What options do they have?

If that's all they can get job wise, whose fault is that? Entirely theirs. They didn't take advantage of the free public education offered to every one in the US and haven't tried to better their skill set.

No matter who you are or where you work can always strive to acquire better skills or you can move to where jobs are more plentiful so your services might be more in demand.